painted curtains.

I can hear it already…”you want to do WHAT to our brand new curtains?!  Kirsten, you’re out of your mind!”  This is the expression I would put money on coming out of Noel’s mouth when I tell him I want to paint our curtains.  Well Noel, before you utter those words, allow me to argue my case :)

You see, this past week, we were on a never-ending hunt for the perfect curtains for our living room and dining room windows.  We searched high and low…literally all over the Twin Cities, the internet, everywhere, and we could not find any that we liked (or at least agreed on).  According to Noel, they had to have grommet tops, and according to me, they had to be floor length.  This wouldn’t have been such a feat if we didn’t happen to have an exceptionally tall window that no one makes curtains for.

Well, we ended up finding curtains that were both the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) length and had grommet tops at Ikea.  The only issue was that they were plain white, and I wanted black, or something with a black accent in it to tie them in to the surrounding decor in the room.  Noel liked the white, so knowing I could somehow embellish them, I agreed and we purchased those bad boys.

Fast forward to the present.  I am currently stuck with these huge white curtains hanging in our living room.  And it’s not that they look bad, they just don’t tie the room together in quite the way I want.  So I have been scouring the internet looking for inspiration (or pinspiration?) on how I can jazz up these curtains.  A few ideas have crossed my mind – adding ribbon, sewing on additional fabric, buttons, busting out the bedazzler, maybe some puffy paint – you know, the usual things you would typically use to pimp out a high school homecoming tshirt.

When I jokingly thought about the using the last two items, the idea of actually painting the curtains popped into my head.  Not knowing if this was a feasible option, I turned once again to the world’s greatest website, Pinterest, to see if anyone else had ever done such a thing.  Luckily for me, several people have, and there are actually some great tutorials out there floating around in the blogosphere.  Here are some of the best one’s that I found:

Image credit: {1} {2} {3} {4}

While the results of the above curtains are stunning, they are all a little bold for my personal taste.  I’m thinking I might use some sort of paint pen and draw a more delicate pattern on our curtains, but I’ll have to play around with designs a bit before I commit (and get the Noel seal of approval, of course).  So, what are your thoughts?  Yay?  Nay?  Maybe I’ll just resort back to the bedazzler…  

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3 Responses to painted curtains.

  1. Tash and Jen says:

    I think definitely yay!!! Be bold, you never know what good could come from it. If you are worried, why not go to a thrift store or garage sale and find some inexpensive white sheets which you could experiment on? You can then hang them over the curtain rod and see the overall effect without having to commit your design to your actual curtains. If you like the look you may even be able to use the sheets you have already embellished to make some throw cushions for your couch by double lining them or stretch some over some canvas picture frames for instant works of art to dot around the place and replicate the pattern elsewhere, not only will they provide some continuity but also make a fabulous talking point or conversation starter!! I look forward to seeing the results! Good luck :-)

  2. I love this Tash & Jen….such great ideas! I will definitely have to try that out :)

  3. All this hand painted? Very nice and enthralling


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