coming soon: wedding wednesday

I am so excited to share with you my latest project for Through the Front Door that combines my two loves: home design and weddings!  As you may or may not know, I got engaged back in May of this year, and on August 10th, I get to marry the most wonderful guy in the world.

See how lucky I am?

Anyways, I’m a DIYer at heart, so I will be making pretty much everything for our wedding myself…and I’m talking everything.  A lot of the things I will be making could have a second life in your home, either on your dining room table, hanging on your walls, or as a means to beautifully organize your house.  I thought you all might be interested in seeing the tutorials for all of the decor, so after August 10th, I will post a weekly tutorial every Wednesday for each item I handmade in addition to my normal posts.  And trust me, I think I will have enough tutorials to take us through the end of the year.

Hold the phone – August 10th?!  That’s like 248 days away!! (but who’s counting) :)  Don’t worry – I don’t intend to leave you all hanging THAT long.  Starting next Wednesday (I have a special post planned for tomorrow), we will officially kick off “wedding wednesday.”

Since I know not all of your are necessarily interested in wedding stuff (after all, this is a home design/decor blog), what I will be doing each week until the wedding is blogging about an item that has inspired me for my wedding, and how that item or fabric or color (you get the point) can be used in your home.

So, to recap:
before aug 10:  inspirational {wedding} items for your home
after aug 10:  {wedding} decor tutorials for your home

I hope to see you all back here next Wednesday, December 14th for the official launch of “wedding wednesday!”     

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