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Recently, I have been drooling over the large, colorful sliding doors I have been seeing all over the internet.  These doors are a way to create a very unique focal point in a room, and they are beautiful whether they are open or shut.  In the first group below, you can see that many modern homes are adding a vintage rustic feeling by adding a sliding “barn door.”  In the second group, more contemporary styles are utilized.  
1. Barn Door Style  

If you head over to House Tweaking, Dana posted a tutorial for this fun yellow door.
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2. Contemporary Sliding Doors

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Don’t you just love the visual interest these doors add to the room?!  I know I sure do…
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4 Responses to sliding doors

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  2. Katie says:

    Sliding doors are exciting because even though the concept is simple, you can go in a lot of directions in terms of design. Aside from that, creating sliding doors is easy and affordable. All you need to have are used doors, paint, and tools that you can easily buy from Home Depot. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post, Kirsten!

    Katie Nicoll

  3. Isn’t this a wonderful interior innovation? Instead of utilizing contemporary ideas or choosing classic doors, installing a sliding barn door in a house can create a different look and a more customized approach. This sense of vintage style can now be viewed as an elegant alternative to the common sliding doors.

    Willene Fagen

  4. Mary says:

    They’re all lovely, but I would probably have the first group for my home. I’ve had it designed with a kind of modern look, and some variety would make it more appealing. A mixture of country and modern living would be really interesting if done right. And I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a barn door. It just fits any place, and it’s crazy! :D –>Mary Martin

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