wedding wednesday: mason jars

We’ve all seen boatloads of mason jars floating around pinterest, but I did want to do a post on them because they’re something that will definitely be at my wedding.  However, I didn’t want to bore you with the same old stuff you see everywhere – so hopefully I’ve come across some ideas for mason jars you haven’t yet seen.

as kitchen storage:

I love the idea of taking mason jar like above, but instead of numbers, writing “flour” or “sugar” or whatever on them..and then displaying them with all your other goodies or proudly on your counter.  Hint: you can even find REALLY big mason jars that would be PERFECT for this.
This guy may not really be storage, but these Universal Jar Lids from Unica Home are amazing.  You can transform practically any old jar into whatever you need it to be.  
And just how adorable would this be for a 4th of July get together or a patio picnic? 
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for the foodies:
Whether giving away premixed recipes as a gift or creating individual portions when entertaining, putting your food in a mason jar instantly gives it a unique touch and creates a beautiful display.

Want to give someone a ready-to-make recipe? Tie a ribbon around the top and a note with the directions.  After all, this definitely beats giving someone a box of Betty Crocker cake mix. 
I am OBSESSED with these.  They’re little baby individual pies and below are individual cake servings…and I think they are to die for.  
This last one I would have never thought of – often times mason jars will fit on your blender so you could make individual portioned smoothies!  
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to bring the garden inside:

Want an herb garden in your kitchen?  I love this unique approach.
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to light up you life:

Believe it or not, both of these light fixtures are sold at Pottery Barn.  With a little elbow grease I’m sure you could craft one of these guys yourself.
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to store your crafts:  
Now I’ve seen mason jars mounted to the bottom sides of shelves and displayed on desks holding pencils, but this was the first time I stumbled upon this…and I think it’s completely genius. 
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  1. lauren says:

    I love how versatile mason jars can be as storage. I use them for cotton balls, makeup sponges, and for my makeup brushes/mascara/eyeliner etc. Those individual pie and cake servings look delectable – must try! Can’t wait to see what you do for the wedding!

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