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There’s something magical about a fire that draws people towards it.  I can’t count how many nights I myself have spent around a bonfire, watching the flames flicker with my friends and family.  It is easy to simply throw down a fire ring, add some sticks and call it good, but with a little effort you can make your outdoor fire area absolutely spectacular.  Here are some of my favorite spaces.

The Fireplace:
Fireplaces are no longer just for your living room.  By creating one of these masterpieces on your outdoor patio, you create a warm and welcoming gathering space.

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The Fire Pit:
You can create a gorgeous fire pit area outside using either a gas fire or a traditional wood burning fire.  Maybe it’s my Minnesota blood and the years I’ve spent around campfires, but for some reason, huddling around a gas flame doesn’t have quite the same appeal to me as a normal bonfire.  However, I can’t deny that the design of the gas fire pits are seriously stunning.

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Now if only we all had a view like that bottom picture…sigh….
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
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  1. It’s hard to choose among these inspirations! Now, our fireplace project is going to be harder. Haha! Now that I think of it, a fire pit isn’t a bad idea either. While it can’t replace a bonfire, building one will give a home a focal point, and a good place to talk and relax. Thanks for sharing, Kirsten!

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