wedding wednesday: doilies

Back when doilies were first created (by an English dude named nothing other than Doily, for real) their main purpose was to act as a mat beneath objects.  However, as their commercialization occurred, their versatility grew and now doilies are used for everything…especially in weddings.

Love this invitation featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

While I am all about repurposing old items and creating something new, today for wedding wednesday, we’re going to bring it back home.  Since doilies were originally used to be placed underneath objects (mainly to protect the woodwork below), here are two ideas you can use when you’re entertaining to add a touch of elegance to your table.

Doily Placemat Name Cards
This idea is so simple and easy, yet it adds some serious glam to your tabletop.  If you’re hosting a large gathering and don’t want to do dishes, you can use clear plastic plates and it will still look stunning.

Martha Stewart always has such clever ideas.
All you have to do is buy large doilies (just slightly larger than your plate), write each person’s name in the middle, set the table, and enjoy!  Easy as pie!
Doily Table Runner
Another way to bring doilies to life on your table top is to sew them together (the fabric ones), and create a table runner.  Super fast, super easy, super beautiful.
To view the whole tutorial, check out Under the Sycamore.

Helpful hint: looking for a place to buy the paper doilies?  Check out my amazon store.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Dana says:

    The doily table runner is gorgeous. I’ve been looking for a table runner for a while but haven’t found anything I like.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Love your blog!


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