space saving christmas trees

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you those gorgeous wooden Christmas trees?  Well, in my attempt to study for finals (3 more days until freedom!), I have been daydreaming about them.  During my Pinterest/blog-reading study breaks, I came across a few more examples of non-conventional trees that I just had to share with you.
I think the bookshelf Christmas tree in the picture on the left is just so darn clever!  And the “invisible” tree on the right is made by using fishing line to suspend ornaments from the ceiling.  I saw an even better example on a blog I was reading yesterday, but I can’t for the life of me find it.  But that one is pretty cool too, right?!

And then we go back to more of my favorites…the stick trees.  I think once my finals are over, I’m going to have to attempt to create one of these beauties, as they are just so gorgeous and unique.  They would be absolutely wonderful for someone living in an apartment or small little loft as they take up essentially NO space.  I’m thinking I’ll put one in one of our bedrooms to bring a little Christmas love to our own small spaces.

How do you all decorate your house with trees?  Do you focus on your large main tree, or do you spread the love throughout your entire house?

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