A few weeks ago, I was contacted by 3M (local company shout-out!) and asked if I would be interested in being a part of a panel discussion for their Command Strip line.  I excitedly said yes, because how much fun would that be?!  Shortly before the discussion, they sent over a list of questions that range from “How do I use Command Strips in decorating,” to “How do I use Command Strips around the holidays,” and “What doesn’t work about Command Strips,” which really got my mind churning.

Although I use Command Strips a lot (one example: I hang my jewelry in our closet by them), I didn’t realize the amazing capabilities of these little guys.  As I was answering the questions they sent me, I browsed through the product line, and to my surprise, they seem to have a command strip for hanging everything.  Their main focus was how we use command strips for events and temporary holiday decorating, but my primary experience with the strips was when I lived in apartments where I could only put a limited number of holes in the walls.

Seeing as I was unaware of so many of the products they offered, I thought I’d share a few ideas of how you can use these sticky little guys for you apartment dwellers that want to make your space pretty without having to deal with an angry landlord.  Here we go!

1. Create a gallery wall using Command Sawtooth Sticky Nail Hanger

2. Create a plate wall using Command Picture Hanging Strips.

3. Upholster 12″ square pieces of wood to create a headboard, and hang them with Command Picture Hanging Strips.

4. Organize your jewelry using Command Hooks.

5. Hide unwanted cords using Command Mini Clear Hooks.  (As boring as this one is, it’s probably my favorite, especially when photographing your space).
Overall, it was so much fun to bounce ideas around with some fabulous members of their R&D team, plus I got to meet some fellow decorators and bloggers which is always a plus.  Now I’m off to go command strip everything in my house… :)
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