Confession: I am still being indecisive in regards to what fabric to buy for our office chairs.  Part of the hold up is the fact that one of my favorites is $30 a yard, and to reupholster two chairs, it adds up quick.  So, in my search to find something a little less expensive, I’ve come across a few other options (unfortunately, not all of which are any cheaper).
If you remember, this is the current, ugly, nasty, all kinds of wrong chair that needs a makeover:
And these were my top three contenders for fabric choices (in no specific order):

#1) Braemore Gorgeous Pearl – $30.10

And here are some new contenders that have entered the picture:

#4) Braemore Sakura White Tea – $28.98
I love how soft the colors and patterns in this fabric are.  Before I’d feel comfortable buying it however, I’d definitely order a sample because I’m afraid the gray/beige may be too matchy matchy with our walls.

Again, I love the soft pattern and the colors.

Really pretty, and the colors are so fun.  It may be a little too feminine, meaning I probably wouldn’t be allowed to ever use it anywhere else in the house.  But it is gorgeous fabric, and I love how the color pops against our walls.

#7) P. Kaufmann George Leaf – $17.98
Believe it or not, I really like this one.  I have a yellow scheme currently going in the office (however I’m not afraid to change that if need be).  But yeah, I’m really diggin this fabric.

#8) P. Kaufmann George Teal – $17.98
I think the fabric is slightly darker than how it appears here.  This one is definitely a strong contender too (you all know I love my blue).

#9) Waverly April in Paris Watermelon – $8.98
Hello price tag!  Aside from the killer price, I love the pops of pink and green, complemented by the sketchy quality of the black and white.  However, I saw someone that used this fabric to make a pillow (see below), and in that picture, I think it looked a little childish/grandma-ish?  Perhaps it’s just the fringe around the edges.

I’ve always been rather keen on script fabric, and I really like this one.  I’d have to figure out something different with the legs, because that’s just too much black.  
So, once again…what do you guys all think?  Help a sista out, would ya?
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  1. Amanda says:

    Number five for sure!

  2. Tina Jones says:

    I love number 6–That’s my bedroom color scheme! Very pretty room though!

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  4. If it’s not too late to weigh in, I second vote for #5. That pattern goes so well with your room and it’s so beautiful!

  5. #8 for sure :) About ready to stalk your blog! Found you on Coast to Coast! Let’s hear it for MN! :)

    New reader!


  6. I like #3 and #5! It was hard to narrow it down.

  7. Henrietta says:

    Personally I would re-upholster the chair in very sturdy tightly woven plain fabric. You can look at high thread count (300+) sheets on cheap sale at big box stores. Then make a slip cover from your chosen fabric. Easily changed in future with the season or your mood. Check out (no affiliation) you may find something you like very inexpensively there or elsewhere online.

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