entry closet remodel

This past Sunday, Noel and I were working on the pantry that we’re building.  Since we had finished hanging all the drywall on Saturday, we were ready to move on to mudding.  I was actually excited for this step, because for whatever reason, I thought I’d be really good at it.

Spolier alert: I wasn’t.

Before we started, we watched a few youtube videos trying to figure out the right technique.  The main advice we got was “Don’t try too hard.  The harder you try, the harder it is.”  Well, let’s just say that I’m a perfectionist…soooo you can imagine how that went.
Mud: 1, Kirsten: 0.
Once I admitted defeat and let Noel tackle the mud, I moved on to trying to do something productive around the house.  We have this tiny little closet next to our garage where we keep our coats and shoes, but we hate it.  The reason we can’t stand this little guy is because it’s so small, it doesn’t allow the hangers to actually hang correctly in there, so they always end up pushing the door open.  Well as I was picking up coats and putting them away, this little closet got on my last nerve.  So at about 8pm Sunday evening, I decided it was the perfect time to give it a makeover.

I was originally inspired by this image on Pinterest, because let’s face it, I’m far more likely to hang my coat on a hook than take the extra 4 seconds to put it on a hanger.  Plus, how cute right?  I knew I wanted mine to look a little different than this, as I wanted a shelf up top to put hats and mittens, and I needed a place to put shoes.
So I sat there, carefully planned out my idea, then jumped right in, removed the door, took down the too-big shelf, and went to work.   
Now, it’s not 100% done – I still want to add a pillow on the bench, which I hope to make today, but other than that, this bad boy is nearly complete.  And the entire project took less than two days.  If I finish the pillow today (that is find the right fabric), I’ll post finished images tomorrow, as well as a breakdown of everything.  But as for now, here is how this little closet is shaping up.
We like it so much, we aren’t even going to put the door back up.  Have you tackled any spur of the moment projects lately?
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7 Responses to entry closet remodel

  1. Kim Wedlock says:

    That’s a really big improvement! It looks lovely! I hope you’re proud – I would be! :D I think I’d rather enjoy putting my shoes and coats in there, then stepping back and admiring my work, before walking away like a not-so-normal person (normal is boring anyway).

    Kim, A Blackbird’s Epiphany x

    • Haha thanks, Kim! I think half the time was spent just sitting and staring at it. My husband goes to me, “You know you’d finish a lot faster if you didn’t just stand there and look at it so much?” :)

  2. awesome job!!! I love it. I wouldn’t be able to have a doorless closet…it would scare people away!

  3. WOW, I love this idea and your finished closet. I think the idea of a padded bench to put shoes on is fabulous. I’m also a hook girl, and I find this solution much more convenient than the conventional closet. Thanks for sharing!
    Lori in Atlanta

  4. Lisa says:

    That’s really cute!

  5. Elle says:

    Love it!! I adore the color and can’t wait to see your pillow for the bench.

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