that time when I didn’t blog for a month…

I’m baaaaack! (because I know you all missed me so much, ha).  I never intended to take such a long break from this little blog-o-mine, but with all the traveling we were doing the past month, it happened. And now I’m ready to be back in action.

So, to kick off, I thought we’d take a little look at what we all did over the past month while I was MIA in the blogosphere.

May: The first part of May was spent cramming as much stuff into my brain as possible so I could survive finals week.  That was followed by a weeklong trip to Denver for my graduation (wahoo!), where I got to spend time with my long lost roomie/best friend.  She’s not really long lost, I just rarely get to see her since we live states apart.

The day I came home from Denver, Noel picked me up at the airport, and we headed straight up to my cabin for Memorial Day (somehow I escaped the weekend with no pictures…I don’t know how that happened).  
June: We were then home for all of 2 days, before we packed up and headed to one of my favorite cities, Chicago, for a long weekend trip to see these cool kids.  Fun fact: we met them on our honeymoon, and they got married the same day as us.


Ever since we returned home, things have been just as crazy.  We’ve been frantically finishing the last few projects, which I’ll fill you in more on Friday (spoiler alert: the pantry is finally done!), and I’ve been busy working away at the two bathroom remodels I’m doing.  We’re both excited for things to slow down a little, but let’s be real, it’s summer, so the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.  Until next time!

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