dreaming of downsizing

As some of you may know, Noel and I are looking to buy a new home.  We’ve been doing a little house hunting for a few weeks now, and while we haven’t found the home, we’ve definitely narrowed down the area we want to be in.  We currently live in a suburb of Minneapolis, but both he and I miss the urban lifestyle, and aren’t yet ready to settle down in the burbs.  So back downtown we go.  
Goodbye, sweet little townhome.
We probably won’t actually live downtown, because I can’t justify paying a $900 monthly association fee in addition to our mortgage, and because as much as I love downtown Minneapolis, I just don’t think it’s big enough/has all the amenities (i.e. a grocery store), that I would want in order to live there.  However, we want to be close to downtown, so Uptown & South Minneapolis are high on our radar.  
In hindsight, I definitely don’t regret buying our townhome in the burbs.  It was within 5 miles of where Noel worked, and at the time, Noel was “burbs or bust.” He reasoned this was because he didn’t want something old that could potentially have problems, but what he didn’t realize was how boring and cookie cutter so many of the homes in the suburbs could be.  So now that he’s itching for something old and with character, I’m ecstatic, because I have always dreamed of buying a little old home and fixing it up.  I mean, let’s be real, how adorable would something like this be?

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I’m also so excited because we’ll most likely be downsizing.  We currently have 1900 SF, and for just two people + 1 pup, it’s way more than we need.  So as you can imagine, all that extra space has allowed us to acquire a lot of extra stuff.  Since we’ll be seriously cutting back and donating all the stuff we don’t need/use, on Wednesday I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite tips to “clear the clutter.”  See you then :)
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