moravian star pendant lights

For a few months, I’ve been kind of obsessing over moravian star pendant lights.  I love the touch of character they add to a space, and the fact that they pair well with many different design styles.  I really want to include a few of these in either our front porch of our new house, or else potentially in our entry way or stairway.

As beautiful as these lights are, they are really tricky to do right.  The main problem I’ve seen is people using too small of a moravian star for their space.  Like with many things in design, scale is everything.  In the three above images, notice how each of the designers incorporated multiple star pendants.  This is because each of the spaces are long and narrow, so if they only used one star in the center of the room, the room would swallow it up.

Below is an example of what I’m talking about.  The room itself is adorable, and I think adding a moravian star was the perfect touch, they just should have used a larger star.  The star is too small for the scale of the space, and even if it was only a little bit larger, it would have felt more proportional.

Here is an example of one that is scaled correctly (so stunning, isn’t it?):

If you have a larger room, but you don’t necessarily want to use a larger star (or if you have lower ceilings so a larger star wouldn’t work), try hanging multiple stars.  Here’s another great example of how multiple moravian stars were used proportionally with the space.

While I think these stars look stunning in porches and outside, I think my favorite place for them is in hallways, little nooks, or stairways.  It’s like a little unexpected surprise in an otherwise ordinary space.

I mean how adorable is that little moravian star peeking out in that reading nook above?  The green isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the rest of that little area is so stinkin’ cute.  And last but not least, get a load of this wedding reception setup.  So dreamy.

So what do you guys think?  Are you as smitten with these stars as I am?
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  1. Annie Macpherson says:

    hi, I really love the star pendant lighting that you use. We have a five metre room with a vaulted ceiling, lots of light and glass and would live to buy a large star pendant to suit the room – any ideas?

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