Black Hex Bathroom Tile

Remember the black hex tile I showed you on Wednesday?  And remember how I was thinking about possibly using it as an accent above our stove?  Yeah, I changed my mind.  After sketching it out, I wasn’t quite sold on how it looked.  So I took to Pinterest in search of inspiration, and I think I have a new plan of attack: use it in the bathroom.  Because, you guys, I need that tile.

For a long time, I’ve actually been debating using a black hex or penny tile for our bathroom floor, but I wasn’t too certain about it.  The reason I was second guessing myself is because we are going to be painting the clawfoot tub black, and although it has silver feet, I was afraid it would all blend together.  But then I saw this picture:


Gah. I know right?!  Stunning.  Here’s another view of the bathroom:


This bathroom was remodeled by Mandy Milk of House and Home.  Didn’t she do an absolutely fantastic job?  While I’m now convinced that a black tile floor and black clawfoot tub can coexist, I’m not completely sold for our bathroom.  It totally works in Mandy’s bathroom because the brass is a completely different hue than everything else in the bathroom, which makes it pop.  I’m still a little afraid that if the legs and other shower trim were silver (like in our case), the result wouldn’t be nearly as striking as there isn’t the same level of contrast.

Not only do I worry about the lack of contrast, but I’m on a huge mixing black + brown kick.  I’ve also considered installing wood looking tile (which will accent the wood window trim and door currently in the bathroom), and complementing that with a black clawfoot tub and black vanity.  Sort of along the lines of what Tracy did for her bathroom makeover below.


Yeah, I’m smitten with that combo.  The only downside I see to that option is I don’t know if the wood tile will look really fakey as it would butt up to an actual hardwood floor in the hallway.  So that’s where I’m at right now.  Even if I do go the faux wood tile route, there are still two other bathrooms where the hex tile can live in our house: in either the master bathroom or the powder room.  And maybe, just maybe, the master bathroom could end up looking something like this:

There I go again with my black + brown.  But in all seriousness, I’m drooling over that last image.

So what do you guys think?  Are you as in love with hex tile as I am?  Would you mix the black hex with a black clawfoot tub?  Or would you opt for the black clawfoot + wood look?
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2 Responses to Black Hex Bathroom Tile

  1. Nicole says:

    I love that tile! I honestly do like the clawfoot with our without the wood combo. It’s difficult! Sorry, I’m being no help that than sharing your love for the black hexagon tile lol

  2. Jenn says:

    When you had the black hex tile for your kitchen my first thought was “NO PUT IT IN YOUR BATHROOM!”, but I didn’t want to deter your kitchen dreams :) I say nix the wood tile and go for hex/penny in the bath. In the last pic the bathtub is grey, matching the grout…thoughts?!

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