Industrial Chic Lighting

BIG news…we’re making major progress on our kitchen!  Last weekend we reinstalled our new window (after a minor mishap the last go round), and later this week we have an electrician coming to update our electrical service.  Our house only has 60amp service, and for those of you that don’t speak electrical, what that means is when I turn on my blow dryer, the lights flicker.  So we are way too excited to have 200amp service before the week is over.  Here’s to plugging in every power tool we own at the same time!  Kidding.  Kind of.

We ran some wire a while back, but we haven’t quite finished running everything in the kitchen; we just have a few more circuits to run, and we have to install all of our new lighting.  Basically, what this means is I need to figure out what lights we’re getting.  And with that being said, I have two goals for our kitchen island pendants: keep it industrial, and keep it affordable.  So today I thought I’d round up my top 10 industrial pendants, all of which come in under $100.


Modern ceiling lamp – $39

Magical Thinking light bulb lamp – $69

Pendant jewelry – $90

Pendant jewelry – $78

Pendant jewelry – $82

PB Classic Pendant Metal Bell – $99

I think I’m leading towards the Pottery Barn Pendant, but I think I would probably go with chrome instead of black.  Which is your favorite?  Which would you put in our kitchen, or in your own?  Let me know!

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3 Responses to Industrial Chic Lighting

  1. Elv says:

    I love all of your picks but the Pottery Barn one and the West Elm one are my favorite! Which one did you end up choosing? :)

  2. Sheri says:

    I would go with the light you are leaning toward.

  3. Sasa says:

    You must have Led lighting and problems will not be.

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