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Moodboard Monday: Cozy + Rustic Living Room

As wonderful as vacations are, they always take you awhile to get back on your feet afterwards.  So today, I thought I’d keep it short and simple and share a little moodboard I put together awhile back.  This was originally for a client, but the overall vibe and color scheme is what you can expect to see in our living room.  I love the combination of sleek + cozy, and the look of this room just makes me want to curl up by a fire.  Except we don’t have a fireplace…yeah, about that…

Rebecca Trunk

Console Tables

Cable-Knit Throw

Mercury Glass Lamp

client project: bathroom reveal

I’m so excited to announce that the two bathroom remodels are finally done!  It’s been an absolute whirlwind, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.  The first bathroom we remodeled was the boys’ bathroom.  Before it was a dark and gloomy cramped space, and after it is bright, fresh, and airy.

In the after picture on the right, the paint is a little washed out.  In reality, it’s a shade or two darker, but still very soft and bright. The biggest difference came when the mirror was installed.  Although the space is still small, the room felt 10 times bigger  just by adding that mirror.  Ready for another comparison?
We ended up removing a closet that led into the hallway in order to gain more storage space in the actual bathroom itself, and when we did that, we installed a custom built-in shelf


In the original bathroom, there wasn’t even a shower.  They had a handshower that could be used as a makeshift shower, but it wasn’t very conducive to showering.  Even the bath that previously existed was tiny.  During the remodel, we installed an actual shower, and we also included a 5.5′ soaking tub.

 After photo by Katie Mueller Photography

Last but not least, we have the toilet area.  Oooh, the toilet.  This doesn’t need much explanation.  I think we can all agree this was a vast improvement, don’t you think?

 So, that’s a wrap! If you want to check out pictures of the other bathroom I just completed, head over to Facebook, as they were posted there today.  Otherwise, they will be posted on the blog next week.  Have a great weekend!

the evolution of a bathroom

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen progress pictures of one of the bathrooms I’m currently working on redesigning.  Since I haven’t really blogged about it, I thought I’d share some of the pictures with you guys today.  
When I first saw it, the master bathroom was very compartmentalized.  There was a tiny little “bathroom” within the bathroom that housed a small shower (to the left in the picture), a tiny sink, and the toilet.  Connected to it was a small room that had a makeup vanity so to speak, with two different closets off it it.  There were low soffits and the walls were dark, which made the space feel cramped and tiny.  Overall, the bathroom was just not well laid out.
One of my absolute favorite parts of design is space planning – meaning figuring out the most effective floor plan for a space.  Maybe it’s the architect in me, but nothing makes me more excited than reconfiguring a space to better fit people’s needs.  Because the bathroom was so cramped, we decided to blow open all of the walls to remove all of the mini spaces within it.  This left us with pretty large room to work with.  

We expanded the shower, making it way larger than it was before, moved the sink to where the step in closet used to be, which allowed us to make it a double sink, and enclosed the toilet in a separate room for privacy.  Since there were originally two closets off this bathroom, we decided to just use the larger one, and we were able to gain additional space in that one by removing a big, bulky built in piece.  Eventually, custom closet shelving will be installed to maximize the space we do have.  
Along with designing a new custom vanity, I also design a custom shelving unit that was installed where the old sink was.  This provided ample storage for any sort of towels/bathroom accessories.  
Left: the cavity where the shelving unit will be installed
Center: the little room for the toilet
Right: the entrance to the new, expanded closet

 Then the fun part came: tiling.

Eventually, the cabinets were installed, and what surprised me most was how they actually made the space feel larger.  You would think that adding large cabinets would make the space feel smaller, but because you started to get a feel for how you’d use the space, you started to realize how much space there actually was.

After the cabinets went in, the glass accents walls were installed, both in the shower and above/below the vanity.

And that brings us to today.  All grouting has been completed, so now we move on to installing shower fixtures, hanging the remaining doors, installing trim…the work continues.  But it’s so fun to see how far we’ve come from that tiny little compartmentalized bathroom.

What projects are you currently working on?

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