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seventh generation holiday .gif guide

Remember how last Friday I told you how the spoon ring tutorial was going to be featured in Seventh Generation’s Holiday .GIF Guide?  Well, today I am so excited to announce that it has launched, and it is awesome!  Below are my snippets from it…but trust me, you want to head on over to Seventh Generation and see the real deal.  There are some other fabulous DIY projects from 3 other wonderful bloggers….so go check it out!  And just a heads up: if the videos aren’t running, just hold your mouse over the picture and they should start.

where am i?

If you’re wondering where I’ve been the past few days, I’ve been in hibernation studying my brains out, seeing as it’s that time of year again.  However, in between writing some 30 odd pages last weekend, I managed to score some time to do 3 DIY’s.  Two I will tell you all about tomorrow (they’re really exciting, and may involve me collaborating with a pretty awesome company), and the other one I did as a guest post for one of my favorite bloggers, Paige, from Little Nostalgia.

Want to learn what holiday decor you can make out of this?

Then head on over to Little Nostalgia to find out, say hello, and leave Paige some love.  Happy Wednesday!

short & sweet

I’m on a crazy streak right now trying to finish up my last midterm and get these house projects done.  So as a heads up, I’ll probably be MIA until next week.  In order to make this post not completely worthless, here’s a sneak peek of the inspiration wall in our office.  If you want to see more sneak peeks as we finish things around here, follow along with me on Instagram (kdanielledesign).

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