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parade of homes: spring 2013

My all-time favorite time of the year is Parade of Home season.  This weekend is the last weekend, so I am making it a point to get out one day and see some of these beauties.  Here are some of the homes I’m dying to get a closer look at:

Home #R24 by Castle Remodeling

Home #224 by Tradition Homes LLC
Home #R42 by w.b. builders
This kitchen is perfection.  I want it in my house riiight now.
Home #244 by Homes by Tradition
I feel like I need to preface this last one.  I don’t usually post a ton of really modern homes on Through the Front Door, primarily because it’s not for everyone.  Generally, I try to stick to contemporary homes that have clean lines, but soft, inviting accents.  With that being said, I absolutely LOVE me a good modern home.  The clean lines, the open space, the lack of anything unnecessary…design heaven.  So with all of that being said, this house I am out of my mind excited to go see.  
Dream Home #359 by Lansted LLC

Isn’t it just out of this world?! I love the contrast, the color palette, everything.  And the fact that it’s on Lake Minnetonka just makes it that much better.  For those of you not from MN, I don’t even know how to begin to describe the awesomeness that is Lake Minnetonka.  The best part about Minnesota are its lakes, and aside from Lake Superior (Duluth represent!), Lake Minnetonka is the creme of the crop. 
Do you guys all have Parade of Home tours where you’re from?  

back where i come from

Yesterday I showed you all my little weekend closet project.  Unfortunately, the fabric I wanted has to be ordered in, so it will be a few days until it arrives, which means you can expect to see the finished closet sometime next week.  But don’t be too sad, because today I have something seriously awesome.  And by awesome, I also mean embarrassing.

As I was going through some of my old files on Noel’s computer, I came across pictures I took of my bedroom when I was in high school.  My dad built a new house my sophomore/junior year, and I got to “design” my own room.

Now I’m going to attempt to defend myself by saying I was 16 so cut me some slack…but I don’t know if even that can justify the number of Eiffel Towers that were in that room.  Let’s take a peek at my first ever design project (I’m cringing right now).

Eiffel Tower Painting: check.  

Eiffel Tower lamp: check.

Eiffel Tower sticker on the mirror: check.

Eiffel Tower calendar: check.

Eiffel Tower rug: check.

Eiffel Tower trash cans, Eiffel Tower drawings: check.

Eiffel Tower pictures cut out from the previous years’ Eiffel Tower calendar: check.

I’m sure there’s something Eiffel Tower in this picture I’ve yet to mention.

 Eiffel Tower print: check. Oh, and don’t worry, that glowing thing in the right hand part of the picture was one of those spinning crystal glass things, which just happened to be a, yes, you guessed it, Eiffel Tower. 

Pretty epic, right?  Did you ever think that many Eiffel Towers could possibly be crammed into one room?  I think this just might be why I hate decorations that are theme-y, cheesy, and cliche.  I had my fill (and then some), and now I’m done forever.  
I will say, I am pretty proud of myself for not having a hot pink room (although to this day I don’t know why I picked red – I really don’t like red), and aside from all the Eiffel Towers, the room isn’t that bad.  I still have that quilt and black and white painting, and even still like them.
So now that I have completely humiliated myself, do you guys have any deep dark design secrets?  How did you decorate your room when you were a teen?  Are any of your rooms still in tact at your parents’ house?  

Not Cool, Robert Frost.

Some days, we all need a little inspiration.  And well, this is just plain awesome.
Trust me…you need to watch it.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  And it also feels like a good time to let you all know about some changes you’re going to be seeing around these parts.  I’m in the process of rebranding/redesigning/redoing everything for my blog and company.  My website is going to get a major overhaul, and when that’s done, Through the Front Door will be finding it’s new home at But don’t go there yet!  Or you’ll end up in the black hole of an undeveloped webpage. :)

I’ve been struggling with the idea of switching Through the Front Door from Blogger to WordPress for some time, mainly because I don’t want to lose all of you awesome Google Friend Connectors.  But after some serious debating, I decided that in the long run, switching over would be the best choice.  So for those of you that do follow via GFC, nothing would make me happier than if you started following along by email, Bloglovin (which is my personal favorite), or another feed reader.  You can follow by Facebook or Twitter, although with Facebook, updates I post may not always show up in your news feed.  The choice is yours…I just hope you keep reading! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…and in the words of Kid President, “Don’t stop believing.  Unless your dream is stupid.  Then you should get a better dream.”  

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