Our Second Home

After quite the purchasing process, in the end of September 2013, Noel and I moved in to our second home.  This home, affectionately known as “The Harriet House,” is much more of a fixer upper than our practically move-in-ready townhouse.  It was built in 1913, making it 100 years young. Seeing as it’s been around for 100 years, it’s in need of a little facelift.  So, as you can imagine, we have some major remodels planned for this guy.  Check back often as we will be revealing pictures of each room, and follow along on Instagram for sneak peeks.

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The kitchen is the biggest project we will have taken on to date, so why not kick off our new house fun by tackling this project first?  In reality, the original kitchen wasn’t very usable (the sink leaked, the countertops were nasty, I could go on…), so jumping right in and ripping the kitchen apart was high on our to-do list.  In this remodel we plan to completely gut this room, knock down the wall on the right (between the kitchen and dining room), replace the window, add a half bathroom at the far side of the room, replace cabinets and appliances, and most importantly, reconfigure the layout.  And we’re well on our way.

kitchen before

Every step we take is just one step closer to getting to this end result:

Kitchen After Rendering | Through the Front Door

Dining Room:

Welcome to our overly-beige dining room.  Once we knock the wall down on the left (between the dining room and the kitchen), we will definitely slap a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling.  We are head over heels for the gorgeous built-in along the back wall, but we aren’t so sure about the wood board & batten on the walls. We’re still undecided if we want to paint it white, or add wood in the panels, or just remove it altogether – so we’ll keep you posted as we make decisions.


Living Room:

Aside from painting and removing those ugly shelves above the windows, we don’t have much planned for this space as of yet.  We do, however, have a constant debate going on where the TV will go.

The Harriet House Living Room Before | Through the Front Door

Master Bedroom:

This large (and very lavender) room will eventually become our master suite.  In the future, we plan to make use of all the space by adding a second closet on one side (which will give the room his & hers closets), and on the other side we’ll add a 3/4 bathroom.


Guest Bedroom:

Another large bedroom, this room will eventually be divided up into two smaller rooms.  Down the road, we have plans to build a wall in the middle of the room, which will allow us to turn our 2 bedroom house into a 3 bedroom home.  One of the bedrooms will become the office, while the other will remain as a guest room.  In the mean time, the guest room is serving as our living room while we do construction downstairs.  It’s been nice to basically have an “apartment” upstairs that we can escape to while the downstairs is torn to shreds.

IMG_1438 IMG_1439


Stay tuned as more will be posted soon!