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Our First Anniversary

Our first anniversary was back on 8-10-13, but I realized I never shared it with you.  We didn’t do anything too extravagant, but as a part of my gift to Noel (and let’s be honest, myself), I scheduled us an anniversary shoot.  I thought I was being all clever seeing as the traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper, and you know, photographs = paper.  Yeahhhh. Anyways, when the photographer asked us where we wanted to take our pictures, at first I wasn’t sure.  But the more I thought about it, it seemed perfect to take them in our house.  We only had about a month left in our townhouse, so I wanted to capture us in our first home, seeing as that house was such an integral part of our first year of marriage.

So I’ll get right to it and show you the goods.

Kirsten + Noel-7N+K House 1 Kirsten + Noel-1 Kirsten + Noel-3 N+K Dining RoomKirsten + Noel-15 Kirsten + Noel-18N+K 2Kirsten + Noel-26N+K RoxyKirsten + Noel-65N+K Roxy2Kirsten + Noel-90

We absolutely love how they turned out…and I find myself going through them when I get homesick for a clean, comfortable finished home.  Soon enough this house will get there, but until then, I’ll just live vicariously through these photos.

All photos courtesy of Hello Love Photography 

Upholstered Dreaming

How many of you are getting excited for the holidays?  Personally, I’m getting really excited for Thanksgiving, because with Thanksgiving comes…BLACK FRIDAY.  And Black Friday is basically my favorite day of the year.  I may be exaggerating slightly, but I really do love it.  Especially when you have things you want to buy. 

This year, I’m hoping to buy a lot of our furniture on Black Friday, so I’ve been planning out what I want to buy and focusing on our bedroom.  Normally, when it comes to beds, Noel only likes modern wood platform beds, especially if they sit low to the ground.  However, when we were on the parade of homes earlier this year, something magical happened: Noel saw an upholstered bed that he really liked.  *Cue angels singing*  Now my style and Noel’s style overlap a LOT.  But there are definitely some things that each of us like that the other doesn’t.  And up until that moment, upholstered beds fell in the category of “Kirsten likes, Noel doesn’t.”

So what’s the issue here?  Why don’t we just buy something like our last bed again?  Well you see, we have wood floors in every room in our house.  And we have tons of (gorgeous) dark trim.  And dark wooden doors.  Basically, I feel like our entire house is wood.  Which I love, don’t get me wrong.  But, with all this wood, I was hoping to warm things up a bit by bringing in softer materials wherever possible, with one of the main pieces being an upholstered bed.  So before Noel had his, “I actually like upholstered beds” epiphany, I was trying to figure out how on earth I’d get him to go for that idea.  Luckily, once he realized he liked them, and I told him my reasoning for wanting one, he was completely on board.  Bingo.


1. dCOR design Malibu-X Platform Bed $800 – $980 | 2. Restoration Hardware Sullivan Upholstered Platform Bed $1525 – $3060 | 3. Crate & Barrel Colette Bed $1,799 – $1,999 | 4. Room & Board Wyatt Bed $1099 – $1499 | 5. dCOR design Venice-X Platform Bed $750 – $932 | 6. Casual Elegance Manhattan Storage Bed $899 – $1049 | 7. Room & Board Avery Bed $1299 – $1799

After agreeing that the bed would be upholstered, there were a few other items we agreed to:

  • No footboard (Noel isn’t a fan of footboards, and in smaller rooms, not having one can help the room feel bigger)
  • Clean, simple lines
  • No super pouffy tufting (simple tufting was alright)
  • Must be a platform bed (because we don’t have a box spring)
  • The shorter the headboard, the better
  • Light sand or light gray in color

As you can see, all of the beds above meet our criteria.  So which do you think is our favorite?  Well, Noel hasn’t seen them yet, but I would bet his favorites are #2 and #4.  They are the most simple/modern, and they basically sit on the ground, which he loves for whatever reason, so that’s the route I think he’ll go.

As for me, I’m torn.  I love the looks of #2, #3, #4 and #7 (I know, so decisive).  In my defense, #2 and #4 look almost the exact same, so without seeing them in person, the two are a toss up.  As for #3 and #7, what I love about them is they have clean lines overall, but they have a little more detailing.  For our house as a whole, I’m going for a mix of old + new in the decor, and I think #3 & #7 address that.  The detailing (like the tufting in #7 and the nailhead trim/silhouette in #3) is like what you’d see on more traditional furniture, but it’s executed in a more modern fashion.

So which is your favorite?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

color crush: gray + coral

This past summer, we saw a lot of coral trending, whether it was in fashion or home decor.  While coral looks great against many colors, one of my favorite colors to pair it with is gray.  This pairing, while often feeling very summery, can actually transition well into fall decor.
When you use this color scheme in the summer, look for more blue based grays and more pinky corals.  This creates a brighter look and the colors seem to pop.  

As you move into autumn, look for corals with more of an orangey base, and pair that with warmer grays, or greige (gray + beige).  This makes the colors appear more muted, which is more in line with the colors of the season.

What do you think of this color combo?  Do you think coral is too seasonal of a color to use in your home decor, or would you proudly rock it all year long?
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