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guest room sneak peek

You guys.  We finished our house.  I’m basically obsessed with it.  But before I get too carried away, let’s rewind a moment, shall we?

We’ve known for quite some time we wanted to try to sell our house this summer.  Because of that, a good majority of the updates we have been doing were to a) improve the resale value, and b) help the house show better.  Well, we were just about to put our house on the market, but we still hadn’t painted the guest room or the hallway/staircase upstairs.  At the time, I was getting so burnt out with house projects, that I kind of just decided we weren’t going to paint those two areas and just leave them white.

However, the more time that passed, the more I was less and less ok with leaving them white.  Had they just been white, it would have been no problem.  But there were two major issues with these white walls.  First, when the house was built, I don’t think they ever actually painted the walls.  I’m 99% sure that all that was on the walls was primer.  Second, there were marks all over the white walls from us and roommates moving furniture in & out.  So, around 10pm one night, I started painting.

Now here’s the thing about me & painting; we have a love hate relationship.  I love it because it costs about $40 for a gallon and it completely transforms your room, and it’s one of those projects where you see instant progress.  Basically, it’s a cheap & quick update.  However, even though paint itself costs around $40, somehow I always end up spending $100 every time I paint.  So I’m determined to make that stop.  Part of it’s my own fault because I HATE cleaning out roller brushes, so sometimes I’m lazy and throw them away when I’m done.  However, what really adds up is all the tape.  
For me, the blue painters tape never works.  I’ll spend a long time taping and making sure everything is perfect, and then somehow, paint always manages to sneak underneath.  I know the trick is to paint over the tape in the same color as your ceiling or other wall, but that’s just annoying & super time consuming.  The only tape I’ve ever had any luck with is frog tape, and let’s be real, that stuff is expensive.  So in my quest to only pay $40 to paint from now on, I’ve decided to teach myself to cut in without using tape.  I figure I’ll be painting enough in my life that it would be a good skill to have since it will save oodles of time & money.  

Well, after cutting in around all the doors and corners in our hallway (there are 6 doors I had to cut in around, 6 inside corners, plus all the trim and ceiling) I got pretty good at it.  By the time I made it to the guest room, I was going waaaay faster (and feeling awesome for not wasting money on tape).  The whole cutting in process did take a long time (primarily because I went slow at first so I didn’t get paint on everything), but it was so worth it in the end.  And since I’m not going to spend an entire post talking about painting and then just show you a picture of the corners, here’s a peek at our finished guest room.  

Now that the guest room is done, it’s basically my new favorite room in the house.  It used to be the room where we stashed all of the junk we didn’t know what to do with.  However, after some major purging, I was able to clear everything out, and find a home for everything we wanted to keep, so now the room is clutter free and feeling so fresh with its new paint job.  
Have you guys done any painting of you own recently?

online design: bachelor edition

Last week, I was contacted by a new client who lives in Florida, asking me to help him give his master bedroom and bathroom a little makeover.  He had great furniture to start with, so we just wanted to make the room feel a little more pulled together.  With a fresh coat of warm gray paint, some deep blue hues, and some graphic art, we are going to make a space that is true to both his style and personality.   Below you can see a picture of his room as it currently sits, as well as the inspiration board I put together for him.
Inspiration Board:

client project: bedroom reveal

Alright guys, I have another reveal for you all today.  I finished this bedroom at the end of last year, and when I first saw it, I was SO excited to tackle it.  Why you ask?  Well have a look for yourself.  
Dated green carpet, ugly curtains, and paint that is way too dark all contributed to the cave-like atmosphere of this room.  Believe it or not, the space is actually really large, and there is plenty of light coming in.  The only problem was that it was being squashed by the dark finishes.  
To combat this, we ripped out the carpet, threw out the old curtains, and painted the walls in a lighter, brighter hue.  My client really liked clean lines, low profiles, and maple wood, so by pairing simple furniture with a lot of light colors, we were able to create a clean, sunny space.  Here is how everything came together.  
I’m currently working on a remodel of this master bathroom, so that white built-in on the left side of the picture has since been removed.  You would not believe the amount of closet space we gained by ripping it out. 

Let’s look at another comparison in this space:


Although the room was originally designed for the bed to be positioned under these lights, we wanted to switch things up, giving the room a different feel, and we found that this spot functioned quite nicely as a little sitting area.

Here’s an view of the entire room:

Isn’t it amazing what a few simple changes can do?

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