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one month to go!

Guess what yesterday marked everyone?  The one-month out mark!  It’s crazy to think how fast this wedding is coming…it seems like just yesterday it was May of 2011 and we were running around looking at venues (and let me tell you, was that a crazy couple of weeks).  One of my favorite venues we looked at was the Mill City Museum.  It is SUCH gorgeous space…and I LOVE how they weaved touches of modern into the old ruins.

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Although we didn’t end up going this route, I do adore this historic style – especially in homes.  One thing that Noel and I would looove to do (and yes, believe it or not, this is not just me talking, Noel has said he’d actually like to do this), is to convert an old warehouse/fire station/historic building, into a fun, modern loft.  Since it’s “Wedding Wednesday,” I thought I’d give you all some eye candy of residential spaces reminiscent of the Mill City Museum’s style.  Prepare to drool. 

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Aren’t these lofts just breathtaking?  I’m so obsessed with the exposed brick and the exposed structures. Someday, Kirsten, someday.  
Although we decided not to go this route for our wedding (our decision was swayed by this beautiful space)…
…we did incorporate it into our wedding through our engagement pictures.  
So even if your dream space is booked, too expensive, or you just decide to go a different direction, there’s no reason you still can’t have it play a little role in your wedding!
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raw materials

This semester for studio, we are designing downtown lofts…structure and all.  Since the structure is one of the main focal points of the studio, my partner and I have tossed around the idea of making it one of the main focal points of our design.  And how might we do that you ask?  Raw materials, exposed structure. Contemporary and clean – I’m completely in love.

A Twist on Traditional Headboards

If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect headboard by flipping through furniture catalogs can be pose to be quite the challenge.  And not only is it hard to find something unique, but traditional headboards from big box furniture stores can cost a pretty penny.  So to kill two birds with one stone, below I’ve listed some non-traditional items you can use to make your own, one-of-a-kind headboard.

Okay, yes, it looks as if this wall was practically MADE for this bed – so those of us who are fortunate to have an exposed brick wall in our home probably aren’t fortunate to have an arch centered perfectly over where you’d ideally like to place your bed.  Regardless, a brick wall by itself is a beautiful backdrop for your bed.
This bed uses different lengths of bamboo stalks – and for those of us that don’t happen to have bamboo growing in our backyard (which I would imagine is most of us)…the same effect can be achieved with using any sort of logs of different lengths.
Staying consistent with our wood theme thus far, this beautiful headboard makes use of scrap lumber from an old fence.  Don’t you just “love” it?! (okay, I admit it, pun intended).
Hmmm…can we all guess why I love this image?  Old shutters are another great item to use for your headboard.

An old fireplace mantle is a great way to frame your bed.
I bet you never thought of this one – hang a long pillow from a shelf mounted above the bed.  Pretty sweet.
I am obsessed with this headboard.  It was made by piecing together small black mirrors from Ikea. LOVE it!
This is by far my favorite for a few reasons.  First of all, most people avoid putting their bed underneath a window, but I just LOVE how the bed and headboard frame the window.  Secondly, I love the built in shelving that’s incorporated into the headboard.  I think I may be having to make one of these sometime in the near future…
So, as you can see, there are many different ways to create a headboard as opposed to simply just picking one out of a catalog.  And in my opinion, these are far more fun.  Happy headboarding!
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