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10 alternative ways to hang stockings

I don’t know if it’s acceptable for me to start posting about Christmas yet, seeing as Thanksgiving is still three days away, but I’m too excited to wait.  I think the longer you celebrate Christmas, the better.  And that goes for Christmas music too.  Noel tries to make me wait until Thanksgiving to listen to it, but little does he know it’s playing nonstop when he isn’t around.
As excited as I was to start decorating for the season (especially since I didn’t really get to decorate last year) I realized a major issue this past weekend: we don’t have a mantel.  Where am I supposed to hang our stockings?  After thinking awhile about this, I realized a lot of you probably face the same issue.  So, I’ve complied a list of ten other places for you to display your stockings this holiday season.

The first two places are in rooms we probably wouldn’t think to hang stockings: the bedroom.  Although this is far from traditional, it’s hard to deny that the stockings don’t give the bedroom that extra special Christmas touch.

1. On your footboard
2. On your headboard
If you want to stay a little more traditional and keep the stockings in the living room, try hanging them in these locations:
3. On a piano

4. On a bookshelf

5. From wainscoting 

6. From a floating shelf

6. Along the staircase

7. In the window

8. From a curtain rod
(Okay, I know this is on a mantle, but I thought it was a great idea and it could be hung anywhere)
9. With clothespins
10. From a branch
This one gets two images, because not only do I love the idea, but I love the two different applications.

Where will you all be hanging your stockings this Christmas?
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