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5 festive easter wreaths

For the past few weeks, I’ve been wanting to take down our winter wreath and put up something a little more springy. But with the mound of snow sitting outside of our front door, I just can’t justify it quite yet.
As I’ve mentioned before, I love decorating for the holidays.  However, I’m not really a big fan of the cheesy, easter bunnies everywhere decor.  So, to save you from the attack of the Peeps, I created a little collection of 5 non-cheesy, festive easter wreaths to dress up your front door.

easter egg envy

I had a sudden realization yesterday that Easter is only a week and a half away.  And for someone who is hosting not one, but two Easters, that put me into a bit of a panic (especially considering our house is still a construction zone thanks to our pantry project).

I love Easter (I also love candy…there may be a correlation there), and lately I’ve been having some serious easter egg envy whenever I log into Pinterest.  The reason being, despite my hardest efforts, my easter eggs always end up looking something like this:

Sidenote: did you know there’s a website devoted to ugly Easter eggs?

Now, I do need to cut myself some slack, because whenever I do decorate eggs, it’s just with those cheap dye kits from Target, and maybe, MAYBE, I’ll throw in a little white crayon action (since the wax repels the color).
So this year, I’m going to venture out of my traditional paint medium, and hopefully I’ll have better results.  Here are some of my absolute favorite eggs I’ve seen floating around Pinterest. 
These are super simple and beautiful – just add a little white puff paint.  

image credit: 1 // 2
Sharpie.  Duh.  Why didn’t I think of that?!
These guys are just plain awesome.  And with a single color dip, I could definitely handle it.
Again, it’s all in the paint.  If I actually used a paint I can handle (aka not the Target dye), I might have a chance of getting a pretty egg or two.
I bet you’ll never guess how they made these eggs: they dyed them with a silk tie! Good old Martha has a great tutorial on her website.
And the winner for my favorite eggs?  These gold leaf beauties.  Aren’t they just stunning?  Are you going to be decorating eggs this year?  How do yours usually turn out?  Do you have any fun ways you like to decorate them?  Let me know, because this girl needs all the help she can get.
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