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office chair fabric

Over break, I was hoping to get a chance to reupholster my nasty office chairs.  They’re so ugly, I keep a black sheet over them because I just can’t bear to look at them.  And as for that blue thing under the chair?  It’s just a box, so try to ignore it. :)
I’ve been trying to find a suitable fabric for the chairs that goes with the yellow, gray, and white color scheme I have going on.  However, ever since we decided to change up the design of our master bedroom, I’ve been itching to possibly switch up the color scheme in the office to green and blue instead of yellow.  Because of my indecisiveness, I am struggling to find the perfect fabric.

Here are some of my top contenders right now…

…if I stay with a yellow color scheme:

1 // 2 // 3
…if I switch to blue & green:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4
…or if I stay neutral because I’m indecisive and want to keep my options open:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4
As of this very moment, I’m really liking the blue and green daffodil-esque fabric.  But then again, I saw that bird fabric on a chair this summer at Pier 1, and I really love that too.  

Decisions, decisions.  Which would you guys choose?

our inspiration wall

Remember when I told you about a week ago about all the things we wanted to get done?  Well, we didn’t get them done.  Or at least not all of them.  We did, however, come very close!  Turns out some of the things took are taking waaaay longer than I anticipated (cough, cough, reupholstering chairs), and when you throw that on top of studying for midterms, I just couldn’t get it all done.

I’m hoping this weekend I’ll have a little bit more time to breathe, so that I can tie up some of the loose ends.  Earlier this week I showed you a sneak peek of the inspiration wall in our office – well here’s the real deal.  As for those chairs?  Yeah, they get around.  They began their life in our living room, and then I decided I preferred them up in our bedroom.  Well, I wanted to take a “finished” picture of the inspiration wall, but didn’t want to have the un-upholstered half-finished chairs in there, so I moved these chairs from our bedroom into the office.  And you know?  I really like them there.  But I also really like them in every room I’ve had them in.

Also, we decided to go with Sherwin William’s Mega Greige for the paint color…and I absolutely love it.  It’s like a chameleon and changes color as the light shifts, sometimes feeling very grey, other times feeling very warm.  It’s awesome.  Go paint your homes greige.

I’m loving it.  The wall is filled with favorite quotes and words of inspiration, one of Noel’s favorites being “designers are meant to be loved, not understood,” because he “never understands why I do anything.”  Oooh boys. :)

And as for that blob up top?  Instead of doing a unity candle at our wedding, we decided to go a little different route and do a unity painting.  We each poured a different color onto the canvas, and that’s what resulted.  It’s kind of a hot mess (I painted the canvas white first thinking it would help the paint trickle down, and boy did it ever – too much so), but we love it all the same.

So I’m off to pick up the Noelster and kick back for a weekend where we officially have nothing planned since the first time practically ever.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll be back next week to share more of our spaces with you!

short & sweet

I’m on a crazy streak right now trying to finish up my last midterm and get these house projects done.  So as a heads up, I’ll probably be MIA until next week.  In order to make this post not completely worthless, here’s a sneak peek of the inspiration wall in our office.  If you want to see more sneak peeks as we finish things around here, follow along with me on Instagram (kdanielledesign).

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