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wedding wednesday: tulle

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that tulle is one of the most overused things when it comes to wedding decor.  Don’t get me wrong – ceiling draping done right can completely transform a room – but when everything you see is covered in tulle?  Not so much my style.  In the right doses, however, I think this fabric is wonderful.   
Now, this isn’t really a fabric you generally see in your home, so you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this.  Well, if you happen to have a little girl at home, this fabric could soon become her best friend.  There is something about tulle that just screams “princess,” so why not create a fun and fabulous little space for your own princess at home? 
You can add a little whimsy to her room though tulle pom poms and garlands…

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…or create a magical little space with a tulle canopy and fairy lights.
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You can throw her a party fit for a princess…
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…but by far my favorite option for this new fun fabric?  
Create a tulle bedskirt – it’s like a tutu for her bed!
I mean, can you BELIEVE that picture below?  
What little girl wouldn’t absolutely FREAK out over this?
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I’m drooling.  And wishing I could be 5 again. 
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