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our laundry closet makeover

Epic news on the homefront…our little laundry closet makeover is finally complete. And we did it all for just under $100. It’s been nearly done for a few months, but it took me awhile to get my act together and make the little labels for the baskets.  Prepare yourself for an obscene number of photographs of a glorified closet.

If you recall, I started the process by removing the ugly wire shelf, and painting the whole closet green to freshen it up a bit.  However, once everything was green, the white box where the water lines run became a huge, glowing eyesore since it was a white box in a sea of green.  To conquer this, I decided to run beadboard wallpaper up half the wall to disguise this little guy, which I think turned out pretty well, don’t you?
We then lived with the closet empty and shelfless for a solid 8 months or so, until I found that sweet shelf contraption.  It’s originally from Pottery Barn, but I got it for a $50 steal from Mr. Craig and his list.  The center shelf was just a little too long to fit in the closet, so we hauled it down to Noel’s parents house where Papa Dubs trimmed it down for us. 
I knew I wanted space to hang clothes (so we could stop hanging our clothes in the shower while they dried), so we bought an expandable rod from Home Depot for a few bucks, and installed in once the shelves were hung.  
Even though this was all fine and dandy and could have been complete since we now had ample storage space, I didn’t stop there.  I found those baskets on clearance for $5 each at Target (which fit like a GLOVE).  I wanted to put baskets on the shelves because it made the space feel more organized by hiding all of our laundry accessories.  

And as if that wasn’t enough, I scored those two awesome beverage dispensers for a steal of a deal at Home Goods to hold our detergent and softener (sidenote, they look pretty, but don’t work very well…we’ve since gone back to using the bottles).

Then I went to town with my little ecraft cutter and started labeling EVERYTHING…
…which led to the end result of this happy little laundry closet.  Isn’t she pretty?
And here’s the price breakdown:
Martha Stewart Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper – $25 (Home Depot)
Moulding – $4 (Home Depot)
Expandable Hanging Rod – $10 (Home Depot)
Paint – $6 (two little samples from Home Depot)
Shelving Unit – $50 (Craigslist)

Total: $95

If you were to include the cost of the beverage dispensers and the baskets, it brings the total to $135.  Overall, not bad for a huuge improvement.  Plus, it makes laundry much more enjoyable. :)


Where do I begin today?  I have so much to share with you that I don’t even know where to start.  Let’s talk first about where I’ve been the past few weeks.  As you may have noticed, before yesterday, I hadn’t blogged since, oooh, the beginning of October.  It’s bad, I know, but it was a much needed break.  School was hectic, life was hectic, Noel tore his ACL, you know, the makings for a crazy life.  But the real reason for my absence?  I was bored with my blog.  I started this blog because I love writing and sharing my design ideas, but as of late, I wasn’t inspired, which led to some pretty lackluster posts, or no posts at all.  It was as if I no longer had a clear vision for this blog, and because of that, my inspiration was clearly lacking.  Now if you stumble over to my pinterest page, you’ll see what inspires me EVERYWHERE…and this blog needs to be more like that.  So, moving forward, it’s all going to change.  It’s time to get back to the basics, back to what I love: homes and design.  Starting with ours.

Throughout this summer, we’ve slowly been making progress on our home.  I know slow and steady wins the race, but at this rate, we won’t cross the finish line for at least 3 years, which isn’t going to cut it.  Noel and I set a deadline by which we want to have a TON of stuff done in our house….and that deadline is only a week and a half away.  We have so many in-progress projects that we just need to buckle down and finish.  We have some rooms that are 90% done, but we were dragging our heels and kept putting off that final 10%.  So, to hold ourselves accountable, I’m sharing with you pictures of what everything currently looks like (and trust me, I hate showing unfinished pictures)…plus a list of everything we hope to accomplish by November 1st.  Ready, set, go!

Master Bedroom:

This room is SO close to being done.  It is definitely one of our 90% rooms.  What I still need to do is:

  • Remake my DMB artwork to hang above the two chairs (I ended up selling the ones I originally made)
  • Buy a bed or make a headboard
  • Hang the headboard
  • Move the black shelf out of the room
  • Buy sheers for behind the curtains
  • Make artwork for above the bed
  • Hang pictures on the blank wall

Laundry Room:

Another 90% room – this one we’ve been putting off because we didn’t have the right tools to finish.  But all that’s left is:

  • Trim the middle shelf and hang (we’re not sure if we’ll be able to trim it down because we think the shelf isn’t sold wood and is instead hollow)
  • Install the clothes hanging rod
  • Add labels to baskets & dispensers

Dining Room:
  • Replace the chandelier (I’m moving the black one to the office)
  • Get our new table
  • Find a rug (I got this one yesterday at Home Goods and it is just not doing it for me)

In those boxes is our fabulous new chandelier for above our kitchen table.
  • Hang shelves/artwork above
  • Accessorize


We got to work last night on the office, so it’s looking a little cray cray in there right now, but hey, I said I’d show you what each room currently looked like.  The white stuff everywhere is the aftermath of me starting to DIY those bookshelves.  
  • Paint walls
  • Paint bookcases
  • Paint drawers
  • Trim down countertop
  • Replace curtains
  • Replace light fixture
  • Re-upholster chairs
  • Make shelves
  • Find a desk chair
  • Hang artwork/accessorize
I can’t wait to finally have these four rooms finished, and to share with you the final results.  And don’t worry, for that, I’ll actually take good pictures :)  Have a lovely weekend!

laundry closet remodel

Slowly but surely, we’ve been making progress on this little laundry closet of ours.  What started out as a basic, boring closet is almost complete, and I can’t wait for it to be finished!  To those of you who don’t remember, this is what we started with:
In in this previous post, I talked about the steps we took to get it to this point:

So, for the past year or so, our laundry closet has looked like the image above.  No storage, no hanging space, nothing.  Not exactly ideal.

The plan was to hang these Ikea cabinets in the laundry closet once I painted them, and then install a bar underneath for hanging clothes, but I realized the cabinets were too large for anything to hang under them.  So, I started looking for other shelving alternatives.

I finally found three shelves I liked, but the middle one was too wide to fit in the closet.  I didn’t think this would be a big issue as I could just trim it down, I just had to actually do it.  As a result, the shelves sat in the hallway, and continued to sit in the hallway, until one night, I just got sick of it.  Noel and I went to work and installed two of the three shelves, and made a makeshift hanging space for the time being.

Don’t you just love how our hanging bar is haphazardly stretched across the top of the shelves? Eventually, it will be installed under the middle shelf.
Below is the middle shelf that we need to trim down.  It’s probably a third as tall as the other two shelves, which will allow us ample space for hanging clothes to dry beneath it.

And a little sneak peak at some of the gorgeous accessories that will bring life to the lovely little space.  Now all we need are some labels and we will be in action.

As for other exciting news in this house: we installed the pendant lights in the kitchen this past weekend!  Pictures and a tutorial will be heading your way on Friday…so stay tuned!

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