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Living Room Dreamin’

Happy Friday you guys!  If you’ve been following along on Instagram at all (@kdanielledesign), you know we’ve been quite busy over at the #RaspberryHillHouse.  While the remodel is underway, I’ve been working on picking out the perfect furniture for the main floor living room, and I have a few different idea boards floating around my computer that I wanted to share with you.

For me, the perfect living room must have a few key elements:

  • A comfy, but eye-catching couch or sectional
  • Adequate seating
  • Be light and bright
  • Feel elegant, yet relaxed enough to actually use and live in
  • Have various textures to add depth

I put together this idea board using pieces from Arhaus, and I must say, I’m kind of in love with it.  I just want to jump through my computer screen and dive onto that couch.  I love that it is warm and inviting, yet it still has clean lines and comes across polished.  I debating using one of their sectionals, but ultimately, when I paired the Emory Sofa with the formal wingback chairs, it was just a match made in heaven.  But don’t take my word for you, see for yourself.

Arhaus Living Room


So what do you think?  Is this something you’d see in your own living room?  What are your living room must haves?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

Moodboard Monday: Cozy + Rustic Living Room

As wonderful as vacations are, they always take you awhile to get back on your feet afterwards.  So today, I thought I’d keep it short and simple and share a little moodboard I put together awhile back.  This was originally for a client, but the overall vibe and color scheme is what you can expect to see in our living room.  I love the combination of sleek + cozy, and the look of this room just makes me want to curl up by a fire.  Except we don’t have a fireplace…yeah, about that…

Rebecca Trunk

Console Tables

Cable-Knit Throw

Mercury Glass Lamp

Meet Klein: Our New Sofa

On Monday, I casually mentioned that we finally went ahead and bought a sofa this past weekend.  Everybody, meet Klein, our fancy schmancy new Room & Board sofa.

room-and-board-klein-sofaYep, I know it’s a far cry from the Tailor Sofa we were previously looking at.  And yes, it’s waaaaay more modern than we were ever thinking of going for this house. But, now that we have it home, I know it was the right choice.  For now, Klein will live in the living room (well actually the front porch until we’ve finished refinishing the floors and drywalling), but we may have other plans for it in store.  Before we delve into those details though, let’s chat about why we decided not to go with the Tailor.

The Harriet House Living Room Before | Through the Front Door

As you can see above, our living room is realllllly dark, and all of that dark trim isn’t helping the situation.  It will lighten up once we get a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, but there isn’t a ton of natural light in there. Because of this, I was super anxious about putting a dark turquoise or dark gray couch in there.  It probably would have worked, but I was terrified to spend $1000 on a couch, and then not like it.  So I kept going back to a lighter neutral color.

Another reason we decided the Tailor wasn’t for us is because of the way we hope to arrange the furniture.  We don’t have a ton of space for a very big couch, and the Tailor was juuuust pushing our size limit.  It was small enough to barely work, but we feared it would have made the room feel cramped.

tailor-sofa (3)However, the main reason we decided not to go with the Tailor was because of a few reviews I read online.  Apparently, several people had issues with the fabric snagging on just their jeans, and since we have a hyperactive puppy that is known to have sharp nails, we just didn’t think it would hold up.  So, despite its beautiful design and fabulous colors, we had to part with the idea of owning the Tailor sofa.  RIP Tailor.

And this leads us to Klein.  I knew I wanted to go with a really light, cool tan (basically almost white, with just enough color to hide dirt), and we also needed a durable fabric.


We really liked the fact that it was Room & Board (I’ve worked with their furniture a lot in my clients’ homes and know its really high quality), and we liked the flexibility that came with its small size.  Not only will it allow us to arrange the room several different ways, but if down the road we decide it just isn’t working in our living room, it’s small enough to go up in the attic (in Noel’s future man cave).  Plus, Noel has been bugging me to buy a “low couch” for years now, so he’s pretty ecstatic about it.

Long story short, we bought a couch, and even though it’s a bit more modern than what we were hoping for, it will fit right in with the “old meets new” concept we have going for our house.

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