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The Dining Room Table Tale

I’m so excited to announce that Noel & I bought our very first piece of actual furniture for the new house!  While I had planned on waiting until Black Friday to do any major furniture shopping, I’ve been keeping my eye out for any good deals that come along while we wait.  But before I get too ahead of myself, let’s go ahead and see where we started.

For those of you that haven’t seen a picture of our dining room, this is a glimpse of what we started with:

The Harriet House Dining Room Before

A lot will be changing (and already has changed) with this room, in addition to simply filling it with furniture.  For example, the wall on the left no longer exists (yay!), the floors will soon be refinished, and that awful beige color will definitely be going.  I’m still torn on what to do with the dark wood wainscoting on the walls, but that’s an entirely different conversation.  Anyways.

The dining room is a pretty good size, so we wanted to get a fairly large table to fill the space.  We were leaning towards something contemporary with perhaps a bit of a reclaimed look (or something reclaimed with a contemporary look), to complement the mix of old + new that we’re basing the rest of the house’s design around.

The first contender in our dining room table quest was the Basque Dining Table in honey from Crate & Barrel.  We liked it because of its simple design, and the slight color variation in the mango wood.  Plus, the $800 was pretty darn reasonable for such a high quality table.


While we loved the table, it didn’t have quite the “reclaimed” look we were going for, and I was afraid the color of the wood would feel a little off when compared to the wood in our space.  So we continued our search.

As it turns out, about a month ago, Restoration Hardware decided to have a mega huge friends and family sale.  Being a big fan of their furniture, I drug Noel to the store to look at a table I had my sights set on: the Salvaged Boatwood Dining Table.  In my mind, this was the perfect table for our space.  It had the contemporary lines that we both loved, a reclaimed wood top, plus the metal legs gave it a bit of an industrial edge I knew Noel would love.  And he did.  And I did.  Until our dreams were crushed.


You see, when we got there, we noticed that the top of the table was, let’s just say “very reclaimed.”  To the point where it looked like you’d get food stuck in all the divots and cracks (you can kind of see what I’m talking about in the picture below).  And that’s gross.  So we admitted defeat and decided to just walk around the rest of the store.


And you guys, that’s when something crazy happened.  Noel pointed out this table:


As we walked over to the Salvaged Wood Trestle Table, I honestly didn’t know if he was serious.  I mean, come on, look at those legs!  Mr. Clean Lines pointing out something with some dare I say detail?  My mind was boggled.  Sure, I really liked the table, but I thought it was something that was way to frilly for Noel’s taste.  Turns out he was being serious and he did like the table, but with its $3000 price tag, there was no way it was coming home with us.

After continually striking out, I started to look into other options.  I contemplated building a farmhouse table, but seeing as how I’ve had literally zero free time the last month, I decided that was completely unrealistic.  So I started looking into options to have a farmhouse table custom made.

Recently, I discovered a lot of people that build custom furniture will post ads on craigslist.  So I took to the ol’ craig and started researching all of these different people.  I saw a lot of beautiful tables, but nothing that really jumped out at me.  Until I saw this table:


When I clicked on the picture, I literally let out an “oh my gosh” because the table was so gorgeous.  It ended up being for sale at this shop called Nadeau in Uptown, which was only 5 minutes from our house.  So I woke Noel up, got his approval, we hopped in the car, and went and bought this bad boy before someone else did.

As of today, our table sits disassembled in our living room (along with all of our kitchen appliances), waiting for us to refinish the floors so it can sit proudly in its new home.

Have you made any major furniture purchases lately? Let’s hear about them!

Black Hex Bathroom Tile

Remember the black hex tile I showed you on Wednesday?  And remember how I was thinking about possibly using it as an accent above our stove?  Yeah, I changed my mind.  After sketching it out, I wasn’t quite sold on how it looked.  So I took to Pinterest in search of inspiration, and I think I have a new plan of attack: use it in the bathroom.  Because, you guys, I need that tile.

For a long time, I’ve actually been debating using a black hex or penny tile for our bathroom floor, but I wasn’t too certain about it.  The reason I was second guessing myself is because we are going to be painting the clawfoot tub black, and although it has silver feet, I was afraid it would all blend together.  But then I saw this picture:


Gah. I know right?!  Stunning.  Here’s another view of the bathroom:


This bathroom was remodeled by Mandy Milk of House and Home.  Didn’t she do an absolutely fantastic job?  While I’m now convinced that a black tile floor and black clawfoot tub can coexist, I’m not completely sold for our bathroom.  It totally works in Mandy’s bathroom because the brass is a completely different hue than everything else in the bathroom, which makes it pop.  I’m still a little afraid that if the legs and other shower trim were silver (like in our case), the result wouldn’t be nearly as striking as there isn’t the same level of contrast.

Not only do I worry about the lack of contrast, but I’m on a huge mixing black + brown kick.  I’ve also considered installing wood looking tile (which will accent the wood window trim and door currently in the bathroom), and complementing that with a black clawfoot tub and black vanity.  Sort of along the lines of what Tracy did for her bathroom makeover below.


Yeah, I’m smitten with that combo.  The only downside I see to that option is I don’t know if the wood tile will look really fakey as it would butt up to an actual hardwood floor in the hallway.  So that’s where I’m at right now.  Even if I do go the faux wood tile route, there are still two other bathrooms where the hex tile can live in our house: in either the master bathroom or the powder room.  And maybe, just maybe, the master bathroom could end up looking something like this:

There I go again with my black + brown.  But in all seriousness, I’m drooling over that last image.

So what do you guys think?  Are you as in love with hex tile as I am?  Would you mix the black hex with a black clawfoot tub?  Or would you opt for the black clawfoot + wood look?

reclaimed wood furniture

I’ve been having a love affair with reclaimed wood furniture for quite some time now.  I just adore the mix of old wood with the modern lines of the furniture.  Since the house we’re buying was built in 1913, I want to embrace the history, but have the home still feel fresh and new, so I’m definitely going to go for a blend of old + new in the design of the house.  Because of this, I’ve seriously toyed around with the idea of including some gorgeous reclaimed wood pieces, and I just had to share some of my favorite finds with you today.

My absolute favorite company that sells reclaimed wood pieces is called Blake Avenue.  There isn’t a single piece of furniture they make that I wouldn’t consider putting in my home, and I honestly don’t know if I could say that about any other store.  The piece of furniture that originally made me fall in love with the company was the credenza below, and from there, the rest is history.  Look at all of these beautiful pieces:

There’s only one problem with these gorgeous pieces: their price.  In reality, they are pretty fairly priced when you compare them to something you’d purchase from Crate & Barrel or Room & Board.  But when you’re trying to furnish an entire house, I’m going to save the major money for the big pieces (like our couch and table).  Sidenote: I’m also completely determined to try and build something out of reclaimed wood for this next house go-round.
Anyways, so we’ve established the fact that I love reclaimed wood.  Well, imagine my excitement when last night, I was cruising around Pinterest, and I stumbled upon this picture:
“Ooooh, pretty,” I thought to myself.  And then as my eyes wandered down the screen, I saw my favorite 6 letter word: TARGET.  I thought for sure it was too good to be true, so I quickly clicked over.  Sure enough, this jaw-dropper is available at Target, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  Check what else is in this stunning collection:


Those prices!  I mean, come on!  It was all I could do to prevent myself from running out and buying them all right then and there.  Thankfully, there’s this little thing called our storage locker that is currently overflowing, and then there’s the fact that I’m not positive how I’d use these pieces in our next house.  Oh, and that little issue of us not actually having the house yet….yeah. About that. Come on house.  I need this furniture.  Do me a favor?  Go buy it and make your house beautiful.  Because if I could, I would.

ps…if you head over to my facebook page, I posted all of the before & after pictures from our first house today.  :)

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