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wedding wednesday: tulle

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that tulle is one of the most overused things when it comes to wedding decor.  Don’t get me wrong – ceiling draping done right can completely transform a room – but when everything you see is covered in tulle?  Not so much my style.  In the right doses, however, I think this fabric is wonderful.   
Now, this isn’t really a fabric you generally see in your home, so you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this.  Well, if you happen to have a little girl at home, this fabric could soon become her best friend.  There is something about tulle that just screams “princess,” so why not create a fun and fabulous little space for your own princess at home? 
You can add a little whimsy to her room though tulle pom poms and garlands…

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…or create a magical little space with a tulle canopy and fairy lights.
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You can throw her a party fit for a princess…
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…but by far my favorite option for this new fun fabric?  
Create a tulle bedskirt – it’s like a tutu for her bed!
I mean, can you BELIEVE that picture below?  
What little girl wouldn’t absolutely FREAK out over this?
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I’m drooling.  And wishing I could be 5 again. 

non-traditional nurseries

While I was putting together last Wednesday’s pink post and researching pink decor, I came across a boatload of baby girl nurseries.  Since this is traditionally the most pink room in the house, it made sense that I came across so many.  However, the more I saw, the more they all started to blend together and look the exact same.  I mean let’s be honest, how many nurseries have you seen that look just like this?
Not that there is anything wrong with it whatsoever – it’s completely adorable, and if I would have had my way when I was little, my room would have looked JUST like this.  In fact, when I was about 4 or 5 years old, my parents built our house and “let us pick” how we wanted our rooms to be finished.  I say “let us pick” because to this day, I still remember being completely devastated when they wouldn’t let me have the pink carpet I wanted (although somehow they agreed to let me have bright blue carpet instead, which really isn’t any better).  
Anyways, as I was bombarded by overwhelmingly pink nurseries in my search, I of course got sidetracked.  Before long, I had wasted who knows how long looking up unique nurseries.  So, I thought I just had to share my findings with you.  
The main thing I took away from this was in order to make your nursery different, don’t go pink crazy.  Using a neutral wall color with pink in the accents makes it just as girly and adorable, but lets your baby’s space be a little different than your neighbor’s next door. 
Neutral Walls:
When you start with a neutral wall, the possibilities are endless.  You can mix and match with nearly any color furnishings, and it really gives a modern feeling to an otherwise traditional nursery.   
This image is my absolute favorite.  I love how the coral curtains pop against the gray walls.  Coral is such a fun and bright color and it makes a great addition to a nursery.
I love the whimsical feeling you get from the butterflies scattered about the wall and the gentle ruffled curtains (not to mention that stunning light fixture).
The use of multiple patterns adds liveliness to this neutral palette. 
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Wall Decals:
Wall decals are a great way to add personality to a room – especially when you put quotes or names on the wall.  However, it can be really easy to get a carried away, so in order for decals to look tasteful and not tacky, they need to go with the color scheme and/or theme of your room.   
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Who says a nursery can’t have a little sophistication?  I think the nurseries below are to die for.  I just adore how chic and elegant they are – and the best part?  You don’t need to redo the room once they reach age 5.  With a few minor changes in artwork, pretty much any teenage girl (or at least those who are fond of pink) would be more than content in these gorgeous rooms.
I am drooling over that dresser/changing table.

Also, I am completely obsessed with the Andy Warhol inspired baby art.  
The woodwork on these walls makes this room feel so grown up, yet the pale pink makes it feel all cute and cuddly. 
And what little girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess with her very own chandelier in her bedroom?  I know 4 year-old Kirsten would have died to have this in her room.  
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wedding wednesday: pale pink

When we think of pink in home decor, we generally think of it being in either one of two rooms: in a nursery or in a girls bedroom. Well believe it or not, pink actually has a home outside of these two rooms, and it can be done very tastefully.  Although the end result tends to be more feminine (we’re talking about using pink after all), you don’t walk into a room and have it immediately scream “girl.”

So what is the key to using pink in your decor?  Subtlety…and I can’t express that enough.  If you add soft accents of this feminine color the results can be outstanding.  {This is exactly how we are using pink in our wedding.  We plan to have the light aqua take center stage, and have it complemented by a backdrop of pale pinks and other delicate pastels}.

Pink is known to be a soothing color, so in theory, including it in your bedroom would be a great way to help calm yourself down before bed each night.  Back in the 70’s, the calming effect of pink was widely utilized, and many prisions even incorporated it into their designs.

Ironically, although the pink initially calmed the inmates, the longer they were exposed to the overwhelming amount of pink, the more agitated they became (now there’s a shocker).  The same holds true in home design: using the right amount of pink can create a very soothing environment, but it is verrrrrry easy to go overboard with this color, and once you cross that fine line, the color completely takes over everything.

But enough yapping, let’s get to the beautiful pink designs!  Enjoy!

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