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Client Project: Living Room Reveal

Last summer, I was hired to help a client redo his living room, bathroom, and bedroom.  If you remember that long ago, you may remember I showed you guys some pictures of the progress we were making.  Well, the project has been done for a few months now, so I figured it was about time I showed you all the finished product.  I’m just going to show the living room today to avoid having a SUPER long post, but here’s a spoiler alert: if you follow me on Facebook, you can see all of the completed rooms.
As I’ve mentioned before, this room was quite a challenge for me.  You all probably know (and if you follow me on Pinterest you definitely do) but my preferred design style consists of a lot of soft, gentle colors.  And well, as you can see, red + yellow aren’t exactly soft and subtle.  My original thoughts were to paint everything gray, but then I learned my client wanted to keep the walls the colors they were.  
As much as the red and yellow may not be my style, when it comes to designing a client’s house, my style isn’t what matters.  What’s important is what the client wants (after all, it’s their house, not mine), so it’s my job to create the best space I possibly can within the realm of what they want.  And guess what?  Over time, the red and yellow kind of grew on me.  I’m not saying you’re going to see my whole house painted in these bold hues (sorry Noel), but I am really pleased with how everything turned out.  
This was the second inspiration board made for the space.  The original one can be seen here.
Because the walls were SO bold, when it came time to buy furniture for the space, I knew I wanted to keep everything VERY neutral to help balance out the bright.  Luckily, my client had KILLER taste in furniture, so we were able to purchase some amazing pieces for the space.  Are you guys ready to see the finished room?  Let me first remind you what we started with:
Because the two small walls on either end of the room were painted red, I decided to pull that in to a lot of the furnishings as an accent color.  This helps draw your eye around the room, making everything feel pulled together.  I also did want to bring in the red somewhere else because if the walls were ever painted over, the room would still have a pop of color.
Since I knew I wanted to bring red into the rug and curtains, I knew we’d have to do something to break up the red wall behind, or it would be red overload.  My client purchased an amazing custom buffet from room and board, and we had the contractor build the maple panel and stainless steel shelf that you see floating behind it.  

Over on the far wall closest to the entry, we decided to put a little console table and a beautiful piece of artwork that looks as if it were made for the space.

There’s one other corner that was empty (here’s the original picture) when I took all the photos, but since, we have ordered a desk to put there, as he wanted a small little area to put a little electric keyboard for his kids.  I’ll be sure to snap a few pictures the next time I’m over there, but the desk sits tucked into the far corner.

So that pretty much wraps up the living room tour.  Over the next week or two I’ll show you the remaining rooms, and talk about all of the fun we had redoing everything.   But for now, I’ll leave you with one last before and after.

walking in a winter wonderland

My current obsession: whimsical, woodland creature inspired design.  I’m convinced fairytale-esque royal hues are going to be HOT this winter, and I’m all on board with that trend (believe it or not).  I’m usually a neutral and pastel kind of girl, or I just go straight for black and white, but when deep purples, emerald greens, and ruby reds are paired with winterwonderland whites and washed out wood, oh man I’m a goner.

I recently got hooked on the ABC show Once Upon A Time (don’t judge me, I’m slightly embarrassed) so perhaps that’s to blame for my newfound winterwonderland, woodland creature, fairytale obsession.  However, I’d bet money on it becoming super popular this season.  If it doesn’t, go ahead and have a good laugh on my behalf.  And don’t feel bad, because I’d laugh at myself too.

So what does this whimsical style all involve?  Think Anthropologie meets Z-Gallerie meets winter. Umm…what?!  Let me paint you a picture:

It’s a little bit of royalty meets rustic, you know, all the stuff that fairytales are made of.  And here’s why it works: it takes ultra-traditional elements, for example, the vintage lines on that Queen Anne chair, but gives it a modern twist with the white paint.  The crispness of the white makes those details really pop, especially when paired with the dark, rich color.  Then you juxtapose the soft velvet with the rough and rugged reclaimed wood, and you have some serious textural eye candy.  Ya dig?  I dig.

I have this gorgeous stylized shoot with all of these elements created in my mind.  Think all of that prettiness above presented as a tablescape in the snow in the middle of the woods (yo, Z Gallerie, need ideas for an upcoming catalog?).  I’m probably doing a terrible job explaining it…I need to just sketch this bad boy.  This photo is too good to simply sit in my brain.

Anyways, I’ve gone off on a complete tangent.  So to wrap this post up, keep your eyes peeled this holiday season for jewel tones paired with this lovely combo, and let’s see how accurate my trend forecast is.  

Through YOUR Front Door: reveal

Happy Monday, everyone!  Do you all remember Dana’s bookshelf from last Monday?  If not, here’s a little sneak peek:

Dana from five30three wanted to know how to create stylized shelves that were pretty to look at.  She’s off to a good start, she just needs a little tweaking, so I’m here today to tell her how!   
1. Pick a color scheme
When you’re decorating a bookshelf, you want everything to feel cohesive.  One of the ways I like to do that is through maintaining a consistent color palette.  At first glance, when you look at the bookshelves, what colors stand out to you?  What I notice most is black, white, red, and turquoise.  With that, I would recommend you go through and take everything off the shelf that isn’t one of those four colors.  
The exception to this would be with any clear or silver accessories.  Clear works great because it adds no color, just texture, and since silver is a cool hue (and I don’t mean cool as in awesome…although it is), and it lies within the black/white spectrum, you can feel free to keep those accessories in there.  Now if you had gold on the other hand, which is a warm color, you’d want to get rid of it because it doesn’t really blend in with the color palette we have going here.  
2. Group in 3’s    
When designing, odd numbers are often most pleasing on the eye, so try to put everything into groups of threes.  That doesn’t mean that you need to have three books grouped, instead, try having three groups of “stuff” per shelf.  Imagine you have a grid over your shelf, and place things within that grid.  When making your grid, it’s important to have a little variation in the grid itself, otherwise it will start to look too monotonous.  By adjusting the widths of the groups, you create visual interest while still keeping with a consistent pattern.  So, for a visual example, you would want your grid to resemble the grid on the right, not the left. 
3. Create depth
In order to create depth and dimension in your shelves, a successful strategy is to layer objects from front to back.  For example, place a large frame or picture by the back, and layer a smaller accessory in front of it.  Below is a great example with the frame behind the miscellaneous accessories.   
Image credit: {1}
4. Stack your books in different ways
You may not know it, but there are actually 7 different ways to stack books.  The Art of Doing Stuff has a great article on it…check it out.  Based on her seven techniques, here are my four favorite that I would recommend for Dana.
5. Group Colors
How you group colors is completely up to you and your liking…but I personally like to make sure each color appears on each shelf at least once.  Other people might do it other ways, just make sure you do whatever looks best to you.  The reason I like to have each color on every shelf is because it ties the whole bookcase together…but with that being said, I have seen many other beautiful examples done differently.  
So, now that you have those five tricks in your pocket, you’re ready to go to town on your bookshelf organizing.  By this point, I’m sure you’re all dying to know how I would organize Dana’s shelf?  Well, since you’ve so patiently put up with my rambling thus far…I would suggest she organize her bookshelf like something along these lines:  
Want a chance to submit your space?  Read here to learn how!  See you all next week when we reveal the next design dilemma!

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