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sliding doors

Recently, I have been drooling over the large, colorful sliding doors I have been seeing all over the internet.  These doors are a way to create a very unique focal point in a room, and they are beautiful whether they are open or shut.  In the first group below, you can see that many modern homes are adding a vintage rustic feeling by adding a sliding “barn door.”  In the second group, more contemporary styles are utilized.  
1. Barn Door Style  

If you head over to House Tweaking, Dana posted a tutorial for this fun yellow door.
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2. Contemporary Sliding Doors

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Don’t you just love the visual interest these doors add to the room?!  I know I sure do…

lavish laundry

Who says your laundry room has to be an after thought?  Even if your washer and dryer are simply stashed away in a closet somewhere…there’s no reason they don’t deserve a little design love too.  Here are some stunning laundry rooms and closets to give you a little inspiration to transform your own!  Enjoy!



{for images sources, click on photo}
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