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I find Valentine’s Day so intriguing, mainly because people seem to either love it, or hate it.  For those that hate it, I think that’s silly.  Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and even if you aren’t in a relationship, that doesn’t mean there isn’t love in your life.  So, I say embrace the Hallmark created holiday, because in my book, any holiday where people give you candy is worth a celebration. :)

Now just because I enjoy this holiday (and candy), doesn’t mean I’m a Valentines Day maniac.  That being said, in an ideal world, I’d love to put up a few decorations around the house, primarily in the form of fun artwork and fresh flower centerpieces.  However, our house is a construction zone right now with our new pantry that has exploded upon our entire first floor, so I’ll be thankful if our house gets clean before tomorrow.

So, to get my Valentine’s Day decor fix, I’ll have to live vicariously through Pinterest, and envision all of these cute decorations in my house.

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So how will you all spend Valentine’s Day?  Are you the type that go all out or prefer to keep things simple?  For those looking for a little inspiration, follow along with me on Pinterest.  Happy Valentines Day!
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